Here are our current class schedule. 

You can also view/download our current class schedule here.

Note: We will update this schedule regularly with class changes and future schedules.

Stand NIBRS Training Two Day:

January 1-2 Bellville, OH
January 5-6 Lansing, MI
January 8-9 Pittsburgh, PA
February 1-2 Morgantown, WV
March 1-2 Orlando, FL
April 1-2 San Diego, CA
May 1-2 Houston, TX
June 2-3 Seattle, WA
June 12-23 Dallas, TX
August 23-24 Miami, FL

Direct NIBRS Training One-Day:

January 1 Bellville, OH
January 5 Lansing, MI
January 8 Pittsburgh, PA
February 1 Morgantown, WV
March 1 Orlando, FL
April 1 San Diego, CA
May 1 Houston, TX
June 1 Seattle, WA
June 12 Dallas, TX
August 23 Miami, FL

NIBRS Direct Two-Hours:

January 1 (11-1 EST) Bellville, OH
January 5 (11-1 EST) Lansing, MI
January 8 (11-1 EST) Pittsburgh, PA
February 1 (11-1 EST) Morgantown, WV
March 1 (11-1 EST) Orlando, FL
April 1 (11-1 EST) San Diego, CA
May 1 (11-1 EST) Houston, TX
June 1 (11-1 EST) Seattle, WA
June 12 (11-1 EST) Dallas, TX
August 23 (11-1 EST) Miami, FL

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