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Available Courses

Hosting In-Person Training

Applicable to 1-Day or 2-Day NIBRS classes. Applicable The following criteria is used for determining class format and free seats earned by the hosting agency.  Please note, the number of students is based on the number of those paid in-full, or part of a purchase order, by the class date.  The hosting agency can earn free seats based on the following:


1-14       = Class will be converted to an online class.
15-24     = Class will be held in-person.
25-29     = Host agency receives 2 free seats.
30-34     = Host agency receives 3 free seats.
35-39     = Host agency receives 4 free seats.
40 plus  = Host agency receives 5 free seats.

Hosting agency would be responsible for the following:

Registration table/area

A training room that accommodates 30 plus students

Projector, screen, and sound capabilities

Advertising (flyer provided by Full Circle)

Point of Contact for the training


Hosting Online Training

Applicable to any class offered online with 15 attendees (minimum)

As a hosting agency, you will receive additional free seats in class for hosting (must be used by hosting agency)

2 seats = 15 to 25
3 seats = 25 to 29
4 seats = 30 to 34
5 seats = 35 or more

Hosting agency would be responsible for the following:

Advertising (flyer provided by Full Circle)
Point of Contact for the Training

You will received:

  • User Manual
  • Technical Specifications
  • All materials in softcopy
  1. We accept credit cards and debit cards through PayPal.
  2. Full refund with cancellations made 6 or more days prior to a scheduled class.
  3. Cancellations made 5 or fewer days before the scheduled class will receive a full credit toward a future class.

Use of Force (2 Hours)

The FBI’s National Use-of-Force Data Collection went live on January 1, 2019 for the purpose of collecting uniform, national-level statistics on law enforcement use-of-force incidents,…

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