Course Description

Targeted Audience:  RMS Service Providers


  • NIBRS Basics: Principles and key components
  • NIBRS Data Elements: NIBRS reporting areas, data
  • NIBRS Data Quality: Addressing common errors and warnings elements and implementation considerations
  • Feedback from Trainings: What your users are sharing with us
  • Hate Crime: How and when to report
  • What’s new for 2023: Rape and Bias Updates
  • Advisory Policy Board (APB) Process and What’s on the NIBRS Horizon: How updates are proposed, approved, and planned for
  • Grant Opportunities
  • A Law Enforcement Agency Perspective: Lessons learned implementing a new RMS
  • The NIBRS Lifecyle Roundtable Discussion: An interactive session and discussion on the NIBRS lifecycle and methods of working together towards success
  • RMS Provider Focus Team: Learn more about our RMS provider focus team and the outcomes of our discussions
  • Mapping State Statutes: Discussion panel on the benefits, challenges, responsibility and what to do in states where no mappings are provided
  • NIBRS Data Utility: How NIBRS data informs crime and victimization and identifies data issues
  • RMS Provider Support Options


June 4-5, 2024 8:00 am to 4:30 pm (EDT) Daytona Beach, FL